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“Active Learning. Active Life.” is the engineering approach. Our programs offer students immersive experiences with lab courses, Engineering Design Day projects, training in a variety of prototyping techniques, and tours of local manufacturing facilities. Learn about mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, and physics from friendly faculty in a small class-size environment. Take your learning to the next level and launch your career with engineering excellence at UT.

Apr 06-08, 2022 Go Baby Go!

Atwood Innovation Plaza

Go Baby Go is a project put on by the Healthcare Diagnostics and Therapeutics Department at UT to help young children with disabilities explore the world around them. We are looking for engineering students to use their skills to assist in this project!

2020 Project Video

Apr 25, 2022 Engineering Design Day

SET Building & HPC Pool

Come play Miniatronic golf designed by the freshman, try out IoT carnival games designed by the sophomores, take a ride on turbo powered pedal boats designed by the juniors, and check out the capstone projects of our very first senior class!

Aug 12, 2022 Design Practicum

Design Practicum partners engineering students with private parties, for the duration of the semester, to bring innovative ideas to life!

If you have an idea send an email to with the follow information:

– Subject = New Project

– Starting semester (projects are run on a semester-by-semester basis)

– Your name and/or the name of your company with contact information

Faculty & Staff

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Degree Offered

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Mechanical Engineering, BS

Want to design and build something amazing? We have hands-on experiences for you in the areas of machine design, manufacturing, robotics, controls, solid mechanics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.

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Electrical Engineering, BS

Interested in electricity and power? We have innovative design experiences for you in the areas of the power, electronics, signal processing, and electromagnetics.

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Computer Engineering, BS

Can’t decide between computer science and electrical engineering? Combine the two and get a degree in Computer Engineering. Get training in computing, digital design, electronics, machine learning, and embedded systems.

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Pre-Engineering, APE

If you’re interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering field, the Associates of Pre-engineering is the perfect place to start. This program will provide you with the required foundational courses common among engineering disciplines.


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Physics Minor

Think you know how the universe ticks? Get a reality check with our physics courses ranging in scope from classical mechanics to astronomy and quantum mechanics. We also offer a physics minor for those pursuing any degree.

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Maker Certificate

The Maker Certificate is a 12.5 credit program that teaches students prototyping techniques, coding, and more.

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Engineering Camp for High School Students

An engineering camp is hosted for high school students in the summer. The camp introduces students to mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering with design challenges, interactive demonstrations, and engaging learning modules. For more information and to register, please visit


David Christensen

Department Chair


Phone: 435-879-4526

Office: SET 209

Rose Hill

Engineering Advisor


Office: SET 324